Crystal View-LITMAN 4
Crystal View-LITMAN 4

Crystal View Buildings

Portezuelo - Punta del Este - Uruguay
5.000 m² de cada edificio más 2 clubhouses cada 3 edificios de 1.000 m²

Crystal View – Solanas

Masterplan – Proyecto y Dirección de Obra

Masterplan, Proyecto y Dirección de Obra




We foused on the idea that the Builidings would embrace the Lagoon and all the appartments should enjoy the marvelous views to Crystal Lagoon. In this Project you can appreciate the combination of green areas and the turquoise water, searching the balance between the hight of 30 meters tall trees and the low rise urban set:  15 meters high buildings.  The main goal of this architectural concept was to  attain double or bigger green spaces and keep the biggest  amount of trees as possible  in the whole site. We searched an architecture that blends with the surroundings.



The Project searches to embrace the 12 hectares Crystal Lagoon Beach, amidst beautiful gardens and incredible woods of  Pines and Eucaliptus.  The buildings are conceived with a ground floor with private gardens with barbecue of its own,  plus 4 floors with big terraces with barbecue too. All the appartments enjoy excellent views to the lagoon. They vary from 1 to 3 bedroom appartments with ample proportions and spacious living rooms and terraces looking on to the lagoon.



The development consists of 6 elegant low-rise buildings distributed in 2 groups of 3 blocks each one: the SOUTH BLOCK and the WEST BLOCK, linked among each three by an access lobby to each group and a Private Club House for each threesome. That is, a total of 206 appartments in an overall construction of approximately  42.000 square meters, on a 12 hectares site  full of Pines and Eucaliptus The Project is harmoniously incorporated within the “Solanas Vacation Club”Resort,  which also counts with restaurants, a spa, tennis and football courts, climatized pools, a Convention Centre, among others. In this way, “Crystal View” represents another inner neighbour-hood, with its own ambiance and elegance, but which easily connects with  and benefits from the general amenities of the resort. A resort clearly benefited with the proved asset that represented the incorporation of “Solanas Crystal Beach”.



It is a new neighbourhood within “Solanas Vacation Cub”Resort  Gated Community. We chose a modern line Architecture with high-end finishings so as to differentiate the project from the other inner neighbourhood, which aims to a higher target. Thus, both architecture and services, were carefully designed for a top level public.  Landscape was also approached professionally so as to attain a communion with the environment. Located  bordering the Crystal Lagoon- the world known Crystal Lagoon Patent– designed also by Litman Architects and opened in December 2016 – we searched  the users to benefit from the possibility of experiencing two scenarios: an environment of relax amidst the Woods  and the huge Crystal lagoon , and the closeness to the beautiful beaches of the Uruguay Atlantic coast.



“Crystal View” has privileged location: It is 10 minutes away from the International C. Curbello Airport. This represents a great attraction due to the easy and quick accesibility both in high and low seasons; it is only 400 mts away from the beautiful Portezuelo Beach, and last but not least, only 10 minutes away from Punta del Este – one of the most prestigious summer resorts and the most well known in the region: one of the most “chic” vacation spots in the world.



This low-density complex, was conceived in two stages, of 3 buildings each, so as to generate a gradual and careful growth within the area, without affecting the microclimate of the development. The international contemporary architecture buildings, will combine an elegant and modern simple line architecture, with elements of traditional architecture. Moreover, these 6 low-rise buildings will disappear below the treetops. We devoted great care and design to  the Amenities, a  thorough study was dedicated to  both 2 private and exclusive Club Houses. Both  will count with sport clubs, saunas, club changing rooms, playrooms and big solariums around, indoors and outdoors-pools with infinity-edges to the Crystal Lagoon.



Crystal View Residences is a Project dreamed and designed with love and dedication by an excellent group of top level designers and specialists in:  Urban Planning , Landcaping and Interiorism, led by Arch. Jose Luis Litman. With high standards of Architectural  Design and Technology.



Crystal View-LITMAN 4

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